Intro - When everything started

Desert Willow 
It all started back in 2009...Golf entered in my life, and I fell in love with the game.

I have always had a certain attraction on golf, a sort of curiosity, but never planned to start playing it, even if I live close by a 27 hole golf club.

I'm italian, I live in Rome, Italy and golf isn't a game everybody plays or that popular as in other world countries.

Than one day, it was my 33rd birthday, I received my wife's present..a ten lessons package at the local golf club (Parco de Medici Golf, today my home club).

And from that February 13th 2009 everything started!! Thanks to her!!

Today, after 3 years of hooks, slices, shanks, missed putts and more than 40 golf courses played around the globe, from Italy to Japan, from Califonia to Dubai, I want to share my past and future experiences on the golf courses I play around the world.

All the photos on this website are taken by me and are property of

Hope you'll enjoy keep following me.