Sports Nippon Country Club, Osaka, Japan

Back in Kansai after more than three months from my previous trip last December, and I had the chance to play golf again in this marvelous country. Fabio, my teaching Pro came with me in this incredible journey across Kansai.
As I wrote on my previous post on my first Japan trip, playing golf here is for every a golfer a complete unforgettable experience.
Following some photos of Sports Nippon Country Club...still cold weather for the end of March, and as you can see fairway and rough are still of a yellow/brown color due to the dormant grass. Greens in perfect conditions.

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Landing in Osaka
Hyogo Prefecture golf courses

Hyogo Prefecture golf courses
Hyogo Prefecture golf courses

Sports Nippon Club House and putting green

Hole 1 green

To the 2nd Hole

Par 5 5th

Teeing off on the 5th

Lonely tree on the greenside bunker 11th

Spectacular 12th hole...440 yds par 4 with dramatic elevation changes

The 12th from the green


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