My "Desert Swing Plan"...golfing in Nevada


Here we are!! In less then 24hrs I'll be leaving to Silver State Nevada, a premier golf destination in the US and in the World. More then 100 golf courses to choose from, from the 5-stars courses of Las Vegas to the magnificent panoramas of Lake Tahoe to the desert layouts in Mesquite...a dreamland for every avid me.
I've never played in Nevada, so planning this trip took me a little longer then expected...I only had 3 days available, including a roundtrip driving from/to LA, and with so many courses to choose from, wasn't easy to pick the bests...after studying different courses, locations, lodging options, distances from a course to another, form Las Vegas to Mesquite, I came out with my "Desert swing plan".... I've planned a three days of intensive golfing on four of the most spectacular golf courses of the state. 
I'll be driving to Las Vegas soon after landing in LAX from Rome..and after a deserved rest in the Sin City here is the plan:

First Day
Coyote Springs Golf Course (B)
Conestoga (C)

Second Day

Wolf Creek (D) 

Third Day

Paiute Wolf Course (E) where I'll play on a event

Great desert golfing expects me...keep following for photos and comments on every course I'll play on my "Desert swing plan".

Details of the travel map

Mesquite Area golf courses

Wolf Creek

Paiute Golf Resort

Coyote Springs

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  1. Counting down to the Swing into Vegas Golf – where golf prowess and the electric Vegas atmosphere come together for greatness!