My "Desert Swing Plan"...golfing in Nevada Part 2


I am just back to Italy from this incredible golfing experience in the Nevada desert.
Never expected it to be a so magic and spiritual land. I had the chance to play in four different courses, each with its own peculiarities and distinctions. Some times it felt like playing in the middle of nothing, in a no-man's land...others was like playing in a golfers paradise, places you would never imagine they can possibly exists.
As a golfer and as a man this has been one of the most deeply emotional travel experience I ever had.

Coyote Springs, Conestoga, Wolf Creek, Paiute....four marvelous courses located in an amazing land.

I'll post here some "sky views"of the courses I played...and some photos from the long driving...
Coming soon detailed reviews and photos on each course.

Mesquite, NV (Wolf Creek GC nearby the airport runway)

Mesquite, NV (Conestoga GC)

Mesquite, NV

Coyote Springs, NV
Coyote Springs, NV

Paiute Golf Resort, NV
Paiute Golf Resort, NV
From LA to Vegas

Nevada State Line

Reaching Vegas!!

From Las Vegas to Coyote Springs

Almost arrived in Mesquite, NV

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