"One course on every continent"...My Goal Update

Thanks to a discussion I am following on the online community greenskeeper.org I decided to come up with a count of the different courses I played around the world on my "short golfing career".

Here is a map of the main courses (18 holes only) I played:

My Golf Around the World Map

3 continent out of 5 played so far!!! Africa and Australia-Oceania still missing!!

Since June 2010 (first time I teed off on a golf course) and with the goal of playing at least one golf course on every continent of the world, I played:

63 total different courses (9 and 27 hole courses included)

By Continent:

24 Europe
29 North America
1 South America
9 Asia

By Country:

22 in Italy (where I mainly play my Home Course Parco de Medici in Rome)
2 in UK
5 in UAE
27 in USA
4 in Japan
1 in Brazil
2 in Canada

Of the 27 courses I played in the USA:

2 Mass.
4 Nevada
21 California

Never played a private course, even if it is one of my goals. 

In the meantime I am planning to play some new courses on the upcoming weeks: Goose Creek Golf Club and Oak Creek Golf Club on my next trip to California, Is Molas Golf Club in Sardinia, Italy and maybe three or four more next month, with the goal to 
reach 70 by the end of August...

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