Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

On my third trip to Canada I was really undecided on which course I could play.
There are over 2200 courses in Canada and over 650 in Ontario. So many to choose from!!
And for a country where golf is played averagely just 8 months per year or less these are incredible numbers. I was focused on the Toronto area where I stayed for a couple of days.
On my research it came out that Toronto and GTA (Great Toronto Area), with more then 300 golf courses on a 50 miles radius, can be really considered as a premiere golf destination!!
And many of those courses are ranked among the best you can play in the nation.
So the decision wasn't easy. 
I played already Copper Creek GC and Glen Abbey GC in April so I decided to try something different.
After some readings on canadian golf magazines and local web site a particular golf course really peaked my curiosity, Wooden Sticks Golf Club considered one of the finest of the area.
The main characteristic is that it brings together some of the most famous golf holes of the world.
Ron Garl designed the course which opened in 1999.

Located in Uxbridge, 30 miles north east of Toronto, Wooden Sticks is ranked 87th on the 2012 Score Golf Magazine Top 100 Courses in Canada, 19th on the 2009 Score Golf's Best Courses in Ontario and 6th on the 2006 Best Public Golf Courses in Toronto by Toronto Golf.

12 of the 18 holes are replica holes, inspired by St. Andrews Old Course (1st, 17th and 18th),  by Augusta (12th and 13th with a Masters style scoreboard behind the green), by the Oakmont "Church Pew" bunker, 4 holes inspired by Pine Valley. Then the Postage Stamp 8th hole at Royal Troon, the Hogan's Alley 6th at Carnoustie and the TPC Sawgrass island green 17th.
The other six holes are original design, and are even more challenging of the "inspired-by"ones.
I played on a "rare" °F 90 sunny day with the course in great great conditions.
It is not an easy one if played from the tips, 7025 yds long with a 74.2 / 143. But you'll have a lot of fun for sure!!

A Pace of Play clock on every hole

The elegant clubhouse

Oakmont "Church Pew" bunker inspired  #1 Hole 451 yds Par 4

#2 Hole 331 yds Par 4

#2 green

12th Augusta inspired #3 Hole 188 yds Par 3

13th Augusta inspired #4 Hole 510 yds Par 5

#7 Hole 398 yds Par 4

#8 Hole 230 yds Par 3
Pine Valley inspired #9 Hole 548 yds Par 5

1st St. Andrews Old Coures inspired #10 Hole 385 yds Par 4
The Postage Stamp 8th at Troon inspiered #11 Hole 145 yds Par 3

Pine Valley inspired #12 Hole 462 yds Par 4

Pine Valley inspired #13 Hole 485 yds Par 4
"Hogan's Alley" 6th Carnoustie inspired  pot bunkers on the #14 Hole 508 yds Par 5

"Hogan's Alley" 6th Carnoustie inspired  #14 Hole 508 yds Par 5

"The Road Hole" 17th St. Andrews Old Coures inspired #15 Hole 480 yds Par 4
Tpc Sawgrass 17th inspired #17 Hole 135 yds Par 3

Tpc Sawgrass 17th inspired #17 Hole 135 yds Par 3

18th St. Andrews Old Coures inspired and the Swilcan Bridge on the #18 Hole 410 yds Par 4

18th St. Andrews Old Coures inspired  #18 Hole 410 yds Par 4
The Valley of sin on the 18th St. Andrews Old Coures inspired  #18 Hole 410 yds Par 4

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