DriveHard Campaign - In support of Alzheimer's

I am more then happy to announce my partnership with Eat Sleep Golf on supporting  the charitable project called DriveHard

DriveHard  is a campaign created by Eat Sleep Golf in conjunction with other industry partners, to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Alzheimer's. 
This is being done through the sales and distribution of their DriveHard golf wristbands, white silicone bands wristbands with dimples that replicate a golf ball dimple pattern.

I took a look to some numbers: 

60 Million - The number of golfers worldwide35 Million - The number of Alzheimer's sufferers worldwide

$604 Billion - The total estimated worldwide cost of dementia per year$62 Billion - The estimated amount of money spent on golf each year

39 years old - Average age of golfers70 years old - average age of Alzheimer's diagnosis

35% of golfers are over age 5066% of Azlheimer's sufferers are female22% of golfers are female

Some of these statistics are shocking to see.

 The term 'DriveHard' represents the focus and determination required to be successful on the golf course, and the ability to apply that same intensity towards life in general. 

DriveHard was spearheaded by Scott Stevens after he saw first hand the effects Alzheimer's can have on not only individual lives but on entire families and communities.  In an effort to give something back, he turned to the golfing community for help.  The golf community has pulled together and DriveHard is now supported by volunteers, golf enthusiasts, communities and business across North America. 

And now also Europe and Italy.
I'll give my help by wearing a DriveHard wristband on any of my future golf trips.
Hoping to be followed by many of you.

Fore more info:

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